Ironside, LLC

Customer: ArcelorMittal

Location: East Chicago, Indiana

Capacity: 50 MW electric / 460 kpph steam

CO2 Reduction: 270,000 tons

Project Description

Primary Energy worked with ArcelorMittal to recycle waste energy to power additional on-site energy capacity, reduce energy costs and provide a more reliable, secure source of power and steam for Indiana Harbor Works.  Primary Energy installed and owns a 50 MW combined heat and power (CHP) facility comprised of a blast furnace gas recovery boiler and a condensing steam turbine.

Commercial Operation

December 2002


The Ironside Energy CHP facility allows ArcelorMittal to capture and beneficially use practically all of the byproduct gas that would otherwise be flared, thereby producing useful electricity and reducing net pollution into the environment.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recognized Ironside Energy's 2007 operations for high environmental efficiency. The plant produced 270,000 fewer tons of carbon dioxide when compared to other plants using separate heat and power sources.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

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