Corporate Profile

Primary Energy Recycling is a privately held U.S. company owned by a consortium including Fortistar LLC, John Hancock Life Insurance Company, Prudential Insurance Company and Ares Capital Corporation.

Objective & Business Strategy

Primary Energy Recycling seeks to maximize shareholder value by delivering valuable energy recycling services to its customers by saving them money from day one. We build, own and operate clean and efficient energy projects on or near the industrial customer's site. These projects are critical to the operation of their hosts and provide significant benefits including supplying cost efficient, reliable energy streams required for their operations. Since the recycled energy projects primarily utilize waste energy from their hosts, they produce energy at a cost well below the marginal price of energy from other sources and generate significant cost savings for their hosts and help protect their hosts from volatile energy prices. Primary Energy focuses on enhancing the economic and thermodynamic performance of its Projects, building strong relationships with customers, extending existing contracts and positioning itself with customers for future growth. Primary Energy has minimal exposure to fluctuations in fuel prices. Three of the Projects obtain their primary fuel from their hosts’ waste energy streams; accordingly, there is no fuel price risk associated with this fuel source.

Operating Strategy

Primary Energy’s strategy is to maintain active involvement over operations and maintenance of the plants. The company believes its management team has the experience and expertise to achieve higher efficiency and availability than would likely be achieved by other parties. Its operating strategy enables it to build, operate and maintain the plant at a lower overall cost to the customer while decreasing environmental impact.

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