Cokenergy, LLC

Customer: ArcelorMittal

Location: East Chicago, Indiana

Capacity: 95 MW electric  /   930 kpph steam

CO2 Reduction: 515,000 tons  

Project Description

ArcelorMittal teamed with Primary Energy to address escalating energy costs and environmental concerns by taking advantage of waste heat generated by an adjacent onsite coke-making facility. Primary Energy collaborated with ArcelorMittal's management and operations team along with SunCoke Energy (owner/operator of the coke battery) to develop a 95 MW waste heat recovery, combined heat and power (CHP) facility that provides electricity and process steam to ArcelorMittal's steel-making operations.

Commercial Operation

October 1998


The combined coke-making and energy facility includes an integrated, first-of-its-kind CHP project using waste heat recovered from non-recovery coke batteries. The facility has capacity to supply up to one-fourth of ArcelorMittal's total electrical requirements or more than half of its process steam needs, replacing onsite, coal-fired generation that was shut down soon after the facility came on-line.

The Cokenergy project serves as the pollution control device for the coke battery, substantially reducing SO2 and particulate emissions associated with coke production.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recognized Cokenergy's 2007 operations for high environmental efficiency. The plant produced 515,000 fewer tons of carbon dioxide when compared to other plants using separate heat and power sources.

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Photo Gallery

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