Portside Energy, LLC

Customer: United States Steel Corporation

Location: Portage, Indiana

Capacity: 63 MW/ 500 kpph steam / 330 mmbtu/hr hot water

CO2 Reduction: 180,000 tons

Project Description

United States Steel and Primary Energy identified an opportunity to replace an existing onsite boiler house with a state-of-the-art combined heat and power facility (CHP). Primary Energy built, owns, and operates a 63 MW facility that supplies process steam, hot softened water, and electricity to United States Steel's Midwest Plant operations.

Commercial Operation

September 1997


The CHP facility supplies 100% of the thermal energy needs and a significant portion of the electical energy needs of the Midwest Plant. The combined impact of replacing steam production using natural gas/fuel oil and the simultaneous production of electricity also has the effect of reducing carbon emissions.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recognized Portside Energy's 2007 operations for high environmental efficiency. The plant produced 180,000 fewer tons of carbon dioxide when compared to other plants using separate heat and power sources.

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Photo Gallery

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